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We want to solve one of the biggest problems in web development – overpriced work for simple changes.

Our mission

We are Summit Web Solutions, a web services company built for small business. We stick to a low, monthly rate, and commit to no extra fees or surprises, no matter what your business needs.

Technical Expertise

Our in-house team is fully trained to handle nearly everything you throw at them, aided by our company-wide streamlined workflow process.

Seamless Integration

After a few months of working together, our team will begin to feel like your very own in-house team of coders. Forget outsourcing.

Attention to Detail

Your code becomes our code. Yes, this can be a difficult process – but due to the elongated nature of our relationship, as they say, time heals everything (even code).

Your Success is Ours

Last but not least, we’re here for the long haul. Other companies can make some questionable changes, leave, and suffer no consequences. We want you to succeed as bad as we want to succeed.

Key People

Our Team

Kyle Baskin Founder, Lead Developer
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EMMA MILLS Project Manager
Jay Burman UI/UX Design
RACHEL WELCH Client Support Specialist

Trusted by 100+ brands all over the world

Giving small businesses the big business treatment.

…and many more

“Realizing the untapped potential of a well-developed and managed website, we launched a product designed to power the future of how brands scale personalized experiences.”

Kyle Baskin

Kyle Baskin

Founder of Summit Web Solutions

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